Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A prayer to you, my lovely cousin

You are fighting, fighting well for your life. You are fighting strong together with God. Don't give up Qin Yan. Everyone is waiting for you. Everyone is praying for you. Keep on fighting. We are believing together with you. God is fighting through with you. We are not giving up on you, so you MUST pull through.

You are always deem as the bubbly, funny, joker girl in the family. I'm waiting for that girl to play and joke with me again. I'm waiting for that girl to create all the funny jokes and make the family laugh because of all your silly joke. Waiting for you to join us for the next family gathering.

Qin Yan, be strong. I'm sure you can do this. You're a fighter. A strong hard-headed woman. I believe in you, your friends believe in you, your family believe in YOU. So fight it out ok! I know you can do it. FIGHTING.

Dear God,
Please do not take her away.  She's too young to be with you. God, she's our lovely girl. My lovely cousin. One of my Favourite cousin. We love her, so do I. God, I pray for your protection to be upon her right now, on this day. Be with her, comfort her. Take away all her fears, her pain, her struggle. Take it all away from her and  keep her safe and sound. Heal her by your stripes in the name of Jesus. Heal her with every power of yours. Let her be that strong woman again. Bring her through this tough days, Bring her through these period. Be with her Lord, fight with her Lord. We are believing with her. So Lord, I leave her up into your hands, protect her and the family. Let your love be with her and the family during this period. Let them be strong. Let your power be with them Lord. They are my love ones. She is my love one. So, Lord please protect her under your arms. Heal her with your almighty power. I'm believing for a miracle. I know she can do it. God, I ask in your name to comfort her right now, and stop all internal bleeding and pain that is going on in her. She will recover with divine health! Amen.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Doing Great, Doing Fine

It's about 1 and a half months more to the end of my Internship. A very mixed feeling I'm having everyday when I wake up for work. I've been enjoying myself very much as an intern in Sentosa. I became more lively and bubbly, I learn to smile to anyone and everyone in the island. Very much called the "Sentosa Wave" and some call it the magical Island. Reason being, majority of the staff in the island are friendly people. Every where you go, you are bound to be greeted by a staff, and all ready to serve you with a smile. At least that's what I've experience?

Previously I mentioned, we did Sentosa Spooktacular, some pictures taken during the event.
Credits: Im Thub, my event production "Supervisor". A very nice, funny and friendly teddy dad, his like a friend, a bro and a daddy to us.

The very awesome bunch of Talents that did a very good job throughout the event days. Tiring but, I'm sure they had a alot of fun dressing up as a ghost and scaring the hell out of the people. 

The MOST FUN, AMAZING and AWESOME set of crew behind the scene! I love them all, they are one of the reason why I don't want to leave Sentosa! Everyone of them in black are loved, they took care of us so well, that we felt totally like a small little sister in their eyes. Just like a family.

I'm done for now, awaits for SBP photos. :) Goodddbyyeee...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The begining of Internship Days

More than 2 months since I enter the company for my Internship. I am still enjoying my stay as an intern in the company. Most of the staff that I've met so far has been nice to both myself and Cheryl. Being one of the "youngest" in the department gets to be well taken care of. Feeling all pampered by colleagues, supervisors and bosses. Feeling really thankful and appreciative for all their love, care and concern. Thank God for these awesome people around me. Other than having to wake up so early everyday, I am still glad and have yet to regret my decision for choosing SLM. Juniors, if you see this, I strongly encourage you to choose Sentosa. Definitely will be one of the best choice you've made in your life. At least for me? hee

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Will elaborate along the way.

Day 1: #Internship with @mehmehhh #Orientatio, feeling all eggcited.

Day 2: Getting to know more about the events that we are going to do during the period of internship. #Siloso Beach Party (SBP) #Sentosa Spooktacular #Sentosa Flowers

Our first event kick off with Sentosa Spooktacular. It was an event filled with laughter, tears and sweat. Laughter, because you had fun with colleagues. Tears, because all frighten by the Spooktacular event night. Sweat, because of execution of event and setting up. Full of emotions. We were tasked to designed a room with the theme "Spider Cave" Pictures when is about 2/4 done. 

Pictures ain't in very good resolution. They were taken through phone with no proper camera. Will grab hold of the better ones soon once department uploaded them. So, this is just like half way through the design of the whole room. I would say is pretty much well done after receiving good comments about the SpiderCave design. *pat on shoulder* 
Meet and made many awesome friends along the way of Spooktacular. Left to Right: WenYao intern from TP, the O/IC for Spooktacular 2012, myself, Cherly my BEST PARTNER, Charmaine my very ZAI colleague. I swear she look so young beside us. Ok, she's not old either. ok can~

 To be continue...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The poor ain't give a chance to save life?!

Saw this on one of the blogger's blog that I read, and I think is worth sharing... Is very true that there are many "Idoh" around who needs a home, because there are too many of such dogs that needs a home, and HDB doesn't allow big dogs, it actually minimise the no. of dogs that could actually be saved by more people.

There are so many Singaporean living in HDB yearn to have their own street dog, or even big dogs, at least for me. But, rule doesn't allow and so many innocent lives are being taken away because they couldn't find themself a home.

Is not the first time I've been hearing story like this, I wish I can adopt as many of such dog if I have my own house or at least if my parent's approve. I wish I can be a helping hand for these poor little ones that need a home. The least anyone can do, is to provide them with a loving home...

Monday, September 10, 2012

7 more days!

Is exactly 7 more days to the start of my internship. A mixed feeling. Excited yes, but at thought of waking up everyday at 0530 for the next 6months kinda kill the excitment that I look forward. Anyway, I am going to strive to do well for internship. I believe I am going to enjoy myself very much these 6months and get a deeper understanding and experience about events. Still, very much looking forward.

Just started on changing my lifestyle for the past 1 week. Is not about diet-ing but a lifestyle change. Trying to eat as clean as possible everyday. Cut down on process food, cut off from soda, red meat and even unhealthy carbo, even force myself to drink at least 2L of water per day. Commit to exercise 5days per week as well. I want to see changes, tired of complaining and starting all over again. I am in for it.

I haven't been hanging out very often ever since school ended for me. Decided to actually stay at home for these 2 weeks of holiday until intern begin. But But But, you know things don't always go your way? I met up with the boy Dillon for Kbox and dinner, then ShiYi to send her to the hospital for a minor fracture on her toe and then it was accompanying Leen and friends for Kbox and dinner, followed by a short meet up brunch with Sandra. So that's about my past 1 week. 

1 more week to go before my internship start. Heading out with Mummy and Sis tomorrow, and wed probably a meet out with Lizzie Bear! Very much missing her, it been really long since the last time we met. 

For You, the "EMO" bitch: 放手有时会比握着来的快了!一起加油吧!爱你的钟平!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

No more school ~

It's tentatively the end of Poly life for me, no more RJ, no more PBL, no more PPT. Feeling a total relieve. Upcoming next will be UT3, before internship. Is less than a month to internship, can't wait for it to start. After intern and it will be my graduation. :) Looking forward.

The last day of school end of pretty well and with a mixture of the different feeling. We took over a hundreds of photos.

Here are some of the photo taken from Pam's camera:

Will be back soon...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random Night Out with the Girls

Yes, It's been a really long time since I spend my night away in a pub, or not even anywhere. I am not a night person, not that I dislike the night life, I just don't seem to fit into the environment very much. Firstly, I don't drink much, not because I cannot drink, but I choose not to drink too much. Secondly,  I don't like the taste of alcohol. Thirdly, I don't like noise and neither do I enjoy being in crowd. So, basically night life doesn't suit my lifestyle very  much. If I have to spend the night out, I will prefer to spend it in an enclosed area, or a room, spending my night away chatting, crapping with my girls. Example, Kbox or a girlfriend's apartment. Much happy with just a simple night session.

Anyway, we spend the Friday night chilling @ Wala Wala, Located in Holland V. It was my 3rd experience to the pub, was actually excited about the trip to Wala again because I wanted to listen to the live band very much, but, we were rather late when we reached the place, there were no available seats on  the 2nd level where the live band is playing. So we had to have our drink on the lower level instead. Pretty much disappointed, because I wanted the girls to hear them out, but o well, next time then. 

Virgin Trip to Everything with Fries for some supper for the night. Very nice concept and design of the place, and a various choice of food and fries at affordable price. In my opinion, I enjoyed the service given by the staffs, but not the food. The sight of the food seem appealing to my appetite but after 1 mouthful, it wasn't as great as I think it would be or probably because I ordered my fries to be in its original flavour. The taste seem normal like any other fries you will get outside. Would recommend you to get sour cream & onion, cos it definitely taste much better than original. LOL.

 If you are looking for a place to snack and dine, I will still recommend Everything with Fries because I love the environment, definitely a place to chill over and catch up with your friends.   

That's it for some random updates of mine. Went back to the old folks home once again, brought some of the elderly to the Singapore Flyer, organised by one of my friend. I didn't manage to snap pictures of the elderly but it was one of the best time spend with the elderly over at the Singapore Flyer. Could tell that the elderly had a great time at the Singapore Flyer, could tell from their eyes, how thankful and amazed by the view of Singapore while they were in the capsule. Thankful for the NDP preview that week, the elderly manage to catch a glimpse of the fireworks which they were looking forward to. At the end of the day, they were all smiling on the coach while getting their way back to the home. I'm thankful that I could be one of the volunteer, every work that I did, I learn much more about life, and I see much more things that I couldn't learn from textbooks. 

Counting down to the end of the semester and I am so looking forward to my internship in SLM with Cheryl.  Definitely going to be full of fun, and filled with many learning experience, so excited to meet new and fun loving people in the company or during event. Can't wait to get my hands on, on the 1st event that we are going to do. I have this positive feeling that it is going to be an exciting journey this 6 months.